About the Blog

This blog was started to follow my progress through my MA. It has been converted into a general blog about my none commercial art activities and my academic adventure. The blog is mainly concerned with the work I have produced in associated with my research and academic practice and should be viewed along with my PhD blog here.

About Me

Ever since I developed my first roll of film in the school darkroom at the age of 14 I have been hooked on the magic of pictures. Unfortunately, a family and a career got in the way being an artist. It was not until I had the chance to retire early that the creative cork popped out of the bottle and I have been fizzing ever since.

The choices were simple, day time TV, Golf or scratch the creative itch. The creative itch was scratched, I enrolled for a life class, took an art foundation course, and loved it and haven't looked back.  A great review of my foundation show, a bit of cheek and the kind support of Wills Art Warehouse in Putney and a sell-out for my first show gave me the creative break I needed and I have not looked back.

A new career as an academic researcher and as a practising artist beckoned. A Foundation Year, a BA in Fine Art, an MA in Contemporary Art Research and a PhD in Fine Art have kept me out of mischief. I now spend much of my time upcycling recycled timber and facilitating the occasional peripatetic teaching engagement with local schools. 

I could be described as a “multi-media” artist; my first choice of medium is photograph both digital and analogue. I use the images I create as the basis for experimental multi/mixed media artwork, which ranges from transfer printing to collage and decoupage. I paint, draw, create robotic drawing machines and alternative cameras, such as pinhole and camera obscura. I create audiovisual and video artwork and computer-based generative art. I also write poetry and the odd short story and I am slowly putting together an autobiography. 

The inspiration for my practice is taken from urban decay, ruin and dereliction, metaphors for the frailty of memory. I am also interested in the fascination of snapshot photography and family albums, the basis for my PhD. Currently, I am exploring art as therapy, particularly for the young, the socially isolated and those with age-related issues such as dementia.

I am available for commissions, project management, mentoring and consultation. Fine art, public and corporate art and photography, as my web site is undergoing an update to see a selection of my art and photography visit my Flickr feed. 

In the wider world my works currently represented by Wills Art Warehouse, Putney, London and Dot-Art, Liverpool. 

You are never too old to live your dream! Go 4 it..........Go 4art