Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Work In Progress

A new exhibition "Work in Progress" has opened at The Village Walks Art SpOt, Poulton le Fylde, entrance is from the Teanlow Centre carpark between the Post Office and Ethel Austins.

The work on show is taken from my third semester assignment. This is an exploratory/experimental assignment designed to encourage the establishment of a"fine art identity". My work was based on a theme started in my foundation degree, fundamentally associated with perception. I am exploring how far the information in an image can be reduced in the face of increased noise. I took as my motif the portrait of an elderly gent who I call Jack. I photographed him, with his permission, some time ago in the Cafe at Blackpool Zoo. He was recovering from a bad turn on the "Chara" from Burnley, I think it was. However, he has a very characterful face.

Large Tiled Poster (1500 x 2100 mm)
  • This started as an A3 size piece of work. A photocopy of the image was varnished and subject to a "Crackelure" finish in black acrylic ink. This image was sliced and enlarged using a piece of freeware, PosteRazor printed as 25 x A3 slices mounted on 4mm MDF.
The idea was to subject the portrait to a range of experimental processes to create a dilapidated, weathered presentation in which the face would, to varying degrees merge with the background until unrecognisable. We had to approach the task initially using painting, drawing and a combination of both. Working in 3D and life size and finishing with a representative body of work incorporating all, some or none of the foregoing. Oh yes and we had to create an animation based on an aspect of this work.

On show at the Art SpOt exhibition are the 3 pieces from my body of work, shown here. The life size work, which was recently on show at the Grundy Art Gallery. A pencil drawn work in the style of Frank Auerbach A spray paint stencil over pieces of torn poster, harvested in Manchester. And a very experimental piece, a stencilled image carved out of painted plaster in the style of the young street artist VHILS (Alexander Farto) who I admire enormously.

Stencil on Plaster (600 x 840 mm)
  • The stencil was created from a posterized image, traced onto a ground of plaster painted black. The plaster and paint were scratched back to create the effect, finished by spraying with dilute acrylic paint. The old frame was found in a charity shop and once contained a mirror.
This a stop frame animation made of the process of creating the stencil on painted plaster.

Torn Poster Stencil (approx 700 x 900 mm)
  • Using a similar stencil to the previous work, the image was created with acrylic spray paint over a background of torn posters, harvested from a billboard in Manchester.