Saturday, November 13, 2010

Exhibition "Four Dark Corners"

Lytham St Annes Windmill in the Spring
A exhibition of photography by Alistair Parker, titled "Four Dark Corners" has opened at The Library, Poulton le Fylde. The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday and runs until 3rd December 2010.

"Four Dark Corners" is an eclectic collection of fine art images with a distinctly vintage feel. Alistair's grainy, soft focus treatment gives an "old camera" look to the photographs. A style much loved by the "Holga/Lomo film camera enthusiasts, cameras which are currently enjoying a massive resurgence in popularity.

Each image is contained in the same battered old frame that was picked up in a charity shop, adding to the vintage look. The first time I showed this exhibition it was interesting to watch people getting close-up to the images to see if the frame was real. It isn't of course, it is part of the printed image.